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Cheating Spouse SurveillanceINFIDELITY  INVESTIGATION

Do you have that feeling? You know...that gut feeling that tells you there's something wrong. Your spouse says one thing, but it doesn't make sense, things don't add up. You start connecting the dots, but still you can't be certain. But the time comes in which you need to find out the truth; is your spouse cheating on you? Do you know that often times, your gut feeling is right?

Don't wait anymore, not knowing is more painful. Take the step to find out, so you can make a clear decision with all the facts in front you.

Call us for a free consultation. By using state of the art technology, surveillance techniques, in addiction to our knowledge and experience, we will put your worries to test. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and it is our goal to provide you with the truth.

Pre-Screaning & employment backgroundPRE-SCREENING & EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND

You are ready to expand your workforce. The person(s) you need to hire, among many requirements, needs to be reliable, trustworthy as they will be handling money (Your money) and/or confidential material. Don't second guess your decision, let us do it for you. Your mind and your business will be at ease knowing you hired the right person.

Child custodyCHILD CUSTODY

Do you feel that your child is endangered? Are you going through child custody but need proof so you can establish it in your case? This is the time, this is the moment.

We can help by providing the proof you need. Your child's well-being important to us.


You are ready to invest, but have you made sure that this be a good move?

Our team will provide you a thorough and detailed report in order for you to make a better decision on a potential investment.


Concerned that your privacy is compromised? Do you get the feeling that you privacy space is bugged? You phone lines tapped? Your computer files intersected and sensitive information being accessed by unauthorized users?

We have teamed up with some of the best in the field to bring you TSCM services!. If you feel that any of this applies to you, please call us for more information, but please do so from a phone not in the area you are concerned.



You need to have a person or situation monitored. You need to find out what's going on. You don't want to be found out. Perhaps you are a business owner and you fear you employee is stealing from your business.

Surveillance is the key to most investigations. We pride ourselves in being discreet, un-noticed and above all professional. We will use new technology in order to uncover what is hidden.

Professional, discreet and efficientSPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS UNIT (SIU)

Professional, discreet and efficient. Our investigators will be able to assist you in acquiring the information your office needs. Do you have a claim that needs to be investigated? We are you go-to team! From insurance to health care to auto and business claims...

Choose us and we will provide you with the information you need to.


Whether is for personal or business deserve to know who you are dealing with. Are you hiring a new employee and need to verify the candidate meets your company? Are you getting married and want to make sure he/she is truly who they say they are?

Our team will provide you with a complete and thorough background check.

Peace of mind is very important.


Your security and peace of mind are of utmost importance. We have teamed up with a computer forensics examiner to be able to provide you...peace of mind.

The Internet is an exciting world full of information, however just like in real life, there are dangers and pitfalls. Are you concerned who your child is interacting with? Let us help you find out, peace of priceless.


- Protect your family.

- Protect your property.

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